As an independent wealth management and advisory firm, Reichard Investment Group provides clients with unique individual solutions based upon their financial position and established objectives.  Founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, Reichard Investment Group have developed a reputation for excellence across our services including asset management, investment planning, legal and tax guidance, and portfolio diversification.

Clients of Reichard Investment Group receive their own dedicated advisor who works to understand your financial position and develop a strategy to achieve your objectives.  Personal advisors construct investment plans that integrate your existing portfolio and interests with markets and opportunities conducive to investment. Through better understanding of your situation, we can target investments which diversify and strengthen your portfolio whilst also offering long-term and sustainable returns.

In today‚Äôs increasingly fast paced and interconnected world, it is important to be able to keep on top of the markets and take advantage of opportunities before they have been saturated. At Reichard Investment Group, we leverage our global network and dynamic framework of operations to ensure you have access to and information on the latest opportunities. Through our professional team, clients receive an efficient and comprehensive service in the pursuit of your financial objectives.   

Whether you are looking to plan for retirement, provide for your family or generally develop your interests, Reichard Investment Group offers an expert service through transparency, intelligence and understanding.