The structure of your portfolio is essential to your success. Without proper portfolio strategy, direction and composition, market volatility can significantly damage your finances. The key to a well-balanced and successful portfolio is diversification and responsiveness.

Our specialist advisors analyze your portfolio and develop its structure and direction, taking into account the need for diversification, existing interests and investments, and strategy. We look to incorporate a range of asset classes across various international markets to spread risk.

Our team also provides clients with performance monitoring, regular reports on progress and, should an investment be seen to be a detriment to the overall portfolio, divestment of interests. We offer clients a wide range of services to ensure they are kept informed of their portfolio and also offer regular updates on individual investments and overall portfolio performance.

At Reichard Investment Group, we understand that minimizing risks, developing a diverse portfolio and directing strategy based upon market and client position is crucial to your success. We work with you to realize your investment potential and consistently seek ways to improve your portfolio.