Client privacy protection is of the greatest importance to the work we do at Reichard Investment Group. The manner by which we collect and store information is conducted with serious care and diligence.

At Reichard Investment Group, we employ the latest and most advanced cyber technology to maintain your data’s security. Strictly controlled policies and protocols are used to administer access to your information according to stringent guidelines. To complete business transactions, we utilize your information with prior client notification and consent. Strict legal and regulatory compliance guarantees that your data is secured and maintained in total confidence.

To collect non-personal data from our customers, we utilize your account applications, standard communications and web cookies. Cookies are used as standard practice in relation to your use of our online service, including use of services and products and pages visited. This information is gathered to improve our marketing approaches and to enhance our overall understanding of our clients, in addition to saving customer penchants and improve online account efficiency.